Madden McMillan provides professional architecture services to companies that need specialized facilities to complement their business. With a dedication to detail, we have successfully completed over fifteen hundred projects within the industry. We fully understand the complexity and importance of critical facilities to our clients.


Madden McMillan offers complex engineering solutions, on time and on budget. We realize that both your time and money are valuable and getting your engineering work done on a budget is sometimes an impossible task. Madden McMillan strives to change that.


Project planning is almost always the most difficult part of any undertaking. Madden McMillan understands that and can total control for you while still listening to our clients needs and accepting feedback, so as to keep the goals of the project always in focus. We are focused on a projectís details and a complete understanding of its program and objectives.
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Madden McMillan Architects | Lombard, IL

Madden McMillan Architects provides architecture and building design to Chicago, Lombard, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis and many cities throughout the United States.